Last nights Super bowl was something spectacular, the Patriots defied all the odds and came back on won it.  Sounds like a story we’ve already heard before, President Trump defied all of America and the liberal left and came from behind to win the election and start turning the country around.  If you didn’t already know Tom Brady and President Trump are very good and close friends and Trump picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.  Every thing was setup perfectly in the Super Bowl.  Patriots the heavy favorite (only difference) were down 21-3 going into halftime.  No team has ever came back from being down more than 10 points.  The Patriots came out at halftime and went down 28-3 and everyone thought it was over.  Just like when Trump was down to Hillary and everyone counted him out.

The Patriots kept playing and the Falcons didn’t, Trump kept campaigning and Hillary quit early because she thought she had it in the bag.  The Falcons quit early because they thought they had won it all.  That wasn’t the case, slowly but surly the Patriots and Trump climbed their way back into and at the very end snagged a victory that shocked the whole world.  This Super Bowl and Presidential Election will be two of the greatest events to ever happen in history.

Now there are some things that bother me though and I’m puzzled about.  That is the comparisons of the Patriots and white supremacy.  This puzzles me because its a football game in the end and nothing to do with politics at all.  If you want to talk about white supremacy then talk about the KKK(created by the democrats) and be an activist to stopping a group like that, if thats what you think is right.  But these comparisons are ignorant and its another way of the left causing stupid drama that in the end of the day has no affect on anything.  The left is going to find anything and everything they can to start something and start their so called revolution, and by the way we have all the guns, police, and military support.  All the left has is a bunch of cry babies who are part of the entitled generation.


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