A Bush appointed Judge in 2003 stopped Trumps Travel ban. The judge said that the Constiution had won today. I personally think that judge James Robart is making a bad decision here. Because the longer that this half of the Travel ban is in effect, more and more immigrants can flood the country and hide ISIS soldiers in them. I don’t recall a judge putting a halt on Obamas travel ban.

Once again this is another stunt by the left to destroy America from the inside. The longer we fight each other, the quicker we will destroy each other.

A lawsuit was filed by a democrat and said that the Travel ban was a infringement against the rights of the muslims and their families. Here’s my issue with that statement, they have no rights in this country.  They are not citizens in this country and if they want to become citizens, then they need to do it the legal way.

All Trump wants to do is setup a system to vet everyone, not just muslims, I see no issue with that.

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