The world today is as tense as ever.  There are terrorist attacks all over the world as eastern civilization tries to destroy the way of the western world.  But what is even more alarming the fact that it happens inside countries as well.  In the United States former President Obama and his administration tore the country apart.  Obama took the side of the left and backed hate groups such as black lives matter and supported liberals who want to see this country destroyed.  He also backed illegal immigration into this country from Mexico and numerous other countries.  Also he supports refugees flooding into this country and hiding terrorists and using the Islam as their cry for destroying Christians and harming western way of life.  There are many topics and major issues I’m going to cover in this article and using research and facts to back up my claims.  I won’t use mini factoids like the liberal left uses.  Ill use real stats and real life experiences and also non bias media like CNN and those other major networks.

My first major issue with the left is black lives matter.  Black lives matter is a organization that was formed after the Ferguson shooting to stand up for black people in America.  The groups direction has changed dramatically.  The group is now a hate group and black power group and even though they say they are for all lives matter, they’re not.  When you bring up anything to do with all lives matter, they call you racist, they assault you, and they call for death against you.  Because if you don’t agree with the left, you are automatically racist and all about white privilege and supremacy.  There are many examples I’m going to show you why this group is a hate and terrorist group within this country.  First of all remember the Dallas police killing, yes that is an act of terrorism and the group encouraged it and said it was payback.  A sniper gunned down and killed five police officers.  This is was a retaliation against what police officers did in Louisiana and Minnesota.  Alton Sterling was black male shot by police officers and died.  So BLM took the streets to protest as usual, but as usual they didn’t read the full story and only the part that they want to hear.  Sterling resisted arrest even after the officers discharged their tasers, and after all that Sterling reached for a firearm.  The cop acted in the right behavior and saw a threat and had to act and protect himself and fellow officers as well.  This is one of the many cases where the quote on quote victim reached for a gun or resisted arrest and didn’t comply with the officers orders.  This could all be avoided if these whiny babies obeyed the law and didn’t think they were above the law and entitled to everything in the world.  The other big thing about the BLM terrorist group is that whenever something happens they go out and riot and end up destroying the community they live in.  Like how stupid and ignorant are these people, why would you go out flip cars and burn them and smash windows of business’s that bring money back into your community to improve it.  There are two prime examples, the inauguration of President Donald Trump where they destroyed a star bucks and chase bank and set that limo on fire that belonged to a immigrant.  If the left grew up and just excepted the results of the election and waited 4 to 8 years and go to the polls like us republicans did, we would have a lot more respect for you.  But no you whine and destroy things because your all immature entitled kids.  Another example is the UC- Berkley riot.  The left and BLM didn’t like that someone who was using their free speech and opposed what they believed in was speaking.  So they decided to set buildings ablaze and force the speaker to leave.  The left is all for 1st amendment, but when the right tries they destroy and silence it because they know everything they’re going to say is right.  They BLM also thinks its funny to block roads and interstates and slow down citizens who actually contribute to the country by working ( I know working is something that they are not use to) and making them late to their job. Well when one of you get hit by a someone who doesn’t care, don’t come crying to me because Ill look at you like your an idiot.  BLM in the end is a terrorist group and these are examples of how they are.  And also to clarify, if you really want to make a change for black lives, start in Chicago where the black on black crime in a year outweighs 40 years of white on black crime.  Black on black crime is the real epidemic, not cops killing blacks or whites killing blacks.  Maybe if BLM looked at statistics they would realize that.

My next major issue with the left is refugees and illegal immigration.  First and foremost let me say that I’m all for immigrants coming to this country the legal way and I’m sure if you ask a legal immigrant they would agree that life is way easier being legal.  Legal immigrants how contributed tons to the building of the United States and will do so for years to come.  Where I have an issue is that Obama made it possible for illegal aliens to come into this country and get jobs and government support.  Instead of giving it to them, how about we give it to the thousands of homeless vets who fought for this country and gave their life.  Instead of Starbucks giving 10,000 jobs to refugees, give them to vets and legal immigrants who want to work.  Donald Trumps wall is the greatest idea I think personally and so do tons of other citizens.  Many other countries in the world have walls to keep out people that want to bring harm to their countries.  Trumps ban on refugees coming from middle eastern countries is a great idea and the left freaks out and calls it racist.  The ban is only for 90 days so the government can create a vetting program for people from the middle east.  Liberals forget so quickly that Obama did the same exact thing and it was for 6 months, which is way longer than Trump, but since Trump is a white male with white privilege (Ill get to this white privilege) and that makes him racist and evil.  I am not against middle eastern people coming here, just have to be vetted and made a citizen.  I see nothing wrong with that, like I said before all you people call me racist, I don’t hate any people of color or where their from ( except ISIS) but if they want to come and bring harm to this country then they should not be let in period!

Next issue is with Hollywood, these celebrities think they run the country, but they don’t, they all live in one little area in the most liberal state California.  California wants to leave the country, sure leave all of our military and police will come to the U.S. and then we’ll just invade and take back our land.  These celebrities are very hypocritical, if Trump wasn’t president then they would be hanging out and booking rooms at Trump tower.  Since he is though, they hate him and call him racist.  I recommend to these celebs that they stay making these movies and keep their mouths shut.  If they didn’t know, taxpayer money pays for their contracts and their mansions and Audi’s.  The best part is people are waking up and even in liberal cali and they won’t put up with these celebs and eventually they will be like the rest of us.  Celebs and politics don’t mix well and never will.

Finally last thing is the liberals think they can start a revolution.  I think this is absolutely hilarious.  We the right have the vast majority of all the guns in this country.  We also back and support the police and military and since the left cause the most trouble to them, they won’t defend you.  We also have President Trump on our side, but he also wants to help the left and make them realize that there is a way we can get on common ground and work out our issues that we have with each other.  Instead the left would rather cause riots and destroy them selves and not receive any help.  Trump has already done many great things. He repelled  Obamacare, started the construction of the pipeline for more efficient energy, started building the wall, has personally attended the funeral of the first soldiers that died died on his watch, and the economy is at an all time high.  Relations are becoming stronger and better with Russia which can be a very strong ally and not an enemy.  Trump is bringing back jobs and keeping major car companies like Ford in the U.S. by imposing a very high tax on their goods.  He is also requiring that the steel for the pipeline is steel made in the U.S. which has the chance to bring 28,000 or more jobs back to the steel industry.  Trump will be the Greatest President and bring the U.S. back to the top.

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